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Bills beat Ravens move on to Cleveland

Its tough to write as a writer and a fan of the team i adore. As some noticed I didn’t write a Bills/Ravens preview because we know already i will favor the Bills to win because I am a fan and in my mind they can do no wrong. Keep in mind I said “In my mind”. I realize i need to somehow balance the two and look at each game objectively. Before I move forward though I need to look at the past games quickly.

I truly felt that Buffalo could beat New England. If we didn’t give the ball back in the final 2 minutes we would have won.

I felt we would roll the Panthers over…We won..But not nearly as much as i felt.

The Jets i felt we would run over..We very well could have. However we couldn’t move the ball and take advantage of the penalties. The refs and the Jets handed us that game on a silver platter. We just didn’t perform

Then there is the Ravens. The reason I didn’t write a preview for this game was because i really didn’t know how this game would go. After all, The Ravens had Flacco vs our rookie QB.  Although The Ravens were the same in W-L column they were after all the Superbowl Champions not to mention the issues with our banged up secondary didn’t help.

Alot went right in the game. We ran the ball. The defense played really tight. But EJ had problems with the ball in the air. It was a different style defense that played a factor so i am going to give EJ a get out of jail free card here. After all he is learning on the job and you can’t really expect to see every defense in the first four games of your career.  And need i said Aaron Williams and Kiko Alonso played insane. Williams had done really well in the new system. Pettine can do a lot with very little. Something that Wannstedt couldn’t do. And Alonso is making everybody, although a LB, say Byrd Who?

As of right now the Bills D is well ahead of the offense. If EJ can connect with his WRs more often, especially Robert Woods and T.J. Graham..Watch out.

But now the fun begins and we will actually get to see the toughness of  Buffalo (or lack of?)  Tonight, Thursday Oct 3, 2013 is a short week as The Bills (2-2) head on to Cleveland to face the Browns (2-2)

This game is a game that will mean everything to both teams. With Miami losing and falling (3-1) the Jets and The bills (2-2) and The Patriots, at a ugly 4-0 (ugly because they have nearly been beat in the last 3 of 4 games) The AFC East is pretty much up for grabs. I have a feeling that the team that takes the AFC East is going to boil down to division games where the Patriots are 2-0, Jets 1-1, Miami has yet to play a division game yet and the Bills are 0-2.

Cleveland on the other hand, up to this point, haven’t played (and won) any CURRENT strong teams. They lost to Miami and The Ravens. They picked up a win on the  1-3  Vikings and a 2-2 Bengals team who also hasn’t played any strong teams this season. Which that division is up for grabs with all teams except Pittsburgh at a 2-2 record

Both teams need to pick up this win.  Obviously only one team will.

The Browns have won 2 of their last games with backup QB Brian Hoyer which can pose a slight issue for Buffalo with only 2 games on tape.

I am expecting a battle of defenses in this game. Mike Pettine showed what he can do with a skeleton crew. The Browns have also been ruthless on there D. At the end of the night its going to depend on who makes the first mistake.

Buffalo squeaks by with a Kiko interception at some point in the 4th. 17-14 Bills

On a side note I also took EJ over Russell Wilson for my fantasy football…Feel free to call me crazy.



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