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Bills Loss ends in Hope and Promise.


What a game yesterday was when the Buffalo Bills hosted the New England Patriots. The oddsmakers are probably pulling their hairs out of their head right now.

Yesterday the Bills had the chance to beat the Patriots but just fell a little bit short with the Pats winning in a heartbreaking 23-21. Heartbreaking probably isn’t exactly the word for it.

E.J. Manuel did well. Although I did question if the coaching staff was worried about his throwing capabilities. We all know Manuel can throw, but it didn’t seem like he was being allowed to throw . The majority of plays seemed to involve running plays but no matter what team, if you go to the well too many times the opponent will eventually catch on and expect it.

Maybe Marrone was unsure if this? As a fan I seen quickly the Pats  adjust to the Bills running game.

Fred Jackson proved he is still a valuable asset in the running game when he ran 67 yards for an avg of 5.2 yards a carry

C.J. Spiller had a fumble in the beginning of the game which probably could be he was just warming up and ran for 41 yards with an avg of 2.4 yards a carry

Scott Chandler seemed very cold throughout the game. He dropped critical passes and caught only 4 passes.

Stevie Johnson also dropped passes at critical times to extend drives. he got 39 yards and 3 actual catches.

E.J. Manuel threw NO interceptions, was 18 for 27, 150 yards and finished with a 105.5 rating.  For a rookie he showed great poise. Made good decisions. However if the coaching doesn’t do what they need to do and let E.J. throw the ball could ultimately, in my opinion be the game factor. Manuel can throw deep.  For the most part he is accurate. Let him take some shots down the field. We have a WR corp that can keep up with him.

Notable injuries  Ron Wood, broken foot. Needs surgery

Marquis Goodwin, Broken hand, needs surgery

So how does this team give hope and promise?

The Defense, looked good and I feel can only improve. Our secondary is questionable but i think within time they will be serviceable. Pettine has done  a good job fixing the mess that Dave Wannstedt created.

Nathaniel Hackett seems to be excited. Maybe over excited. But as time progresses he will better utilize the offensive line. He’s young. He sees how the league is moving. However, please don’t give Spiller the ball until he pukes.  We have a perfect mix of players to run and catch the ball.  Mix it up. Keep the opposing defenses honest. Manuel has a big arm. Utilize it.

Doug Marrone he has no fear of calling for flags. Which is a big change from the previous two coaches. Chan Gailey and Dick Juron seemed to always be afraid of questioning referees. Marrone isn’t. However, and this could be left over from college, Marrone needs to work on time management. The Bills have could of easily won yesterdays game if time management was better. But once again that will come in time.

Penalties hurt. The penalties in this game though , 13 penalties with 10 of them being a loss for total of 75 yards!  The silver lining on these are the ones committed are easily corrected, i am guessing as the season moves on, the penalties will be dwindling.

This is the first REAL rebuild for the Buffalo Bills since 1999. It really will take some time to fix the mess that has been building since then. But as long as the Bills keep improving after every game, as Bills fans, although frustrated, should we really complain?

I think we can be upset. But when a team finally has the promise, at the end of the day, we shouldn’t complain. After all we are finally getting what we wanted. A REAL  Football team.



  1. JJ

    September 9, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Hmmmmm…what game were YOU watching. I saw Manuel go deep twice…once nearly intercepted (thank you ground) and the other 3 yards out of bounds on the same pattern. I saw Spiller constantly carrying the ball with one hand into traffic…hence the fumble on the 15 yard line. I saw Tom Brady hitting recievers constantly (even if they didn’t catch it) and Ridley running wild through the Bills linebacker core especially at the end of the game.

    I saw ZERO sacks OR pressures from our $100 Million Dollar man…a continuation of last year.

    I saw the ignorance of a College coach who refused to adjust his offense into clock-burning mode when they had the lead with 5 minutes to go. That is when you grind it out…not throw it 3 and out in 70 seconds.

    ALL 4 TDs Scored on TURNOVERS. We were playing a WEAK NE team with a depleted recieving corps and we still got our dicks sanded.

    So considering we almost beat NE last year too…I don’t see the positives here.

    If it weren’t for the unforced Ridley fumble…that game isn’t even close.

    Sorry to be so “Down” but someone has to balance out the fantasy you wrote about.

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  3. Tim Walchusky

    September 10, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    I am going to respectfully disagree.

    There is going to be a learning curve with Marrone. He may know how offenses work but he was a coordinator last time he was in NFL before going to the College level as a head coach. I will be more than willing to admit i am wrong come at the end of the season. Like everyone else there is going to be a curve how how things are being run. Give him time. It’ll work out

    Our $100 million man…Well just his presence on field can make a difference. Maybe not as much for opposing teams but can boost the play of our rookies. Make the rookies seem like its a competition and who can outdo each other. M. Williams may not be who he was in 2008. But he can still be the player we need him to be.

    You’re right E.J. went deep TWICE. If your running the ball 99.7% of the game its sometimes tough to change the rhythm. keyword sometimes. If given the opportunity to throw more he will start getting that down. He’s a rookie and can’t expect him to change that quickly right off the bat. He’s a quick learner it will come to him. I don’t expect him to be the next Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or even Peyton. Maybe he will hit that level, maybe not. I am encouraged that he can be an amazing QB. He just has to develop.

    We also got to remember this team is full of new players. Woods, Goodwin, Kiko are all new. new coach, new off coordinator. All rookies. Mistakes WILL be made. But as i said in OP, I feel these mistakes will be corrected. I still see this team as an 8-8. 9-7 team for this season.

    Lots of season left. Feel free to call me out in week 17 to tell me how wrong i was. But until then, get your popcorn ready because we still have ALOT of football left!

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