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How will the Buffalo Bills handle the Patriots?

Rookie Quarterback

First year head Coach

Highly disciplined Patriots team.


This is the challenge that QB E.J. Manuel and Coach Doug Marrone will be facing. It has been said numerous times this is a dawn of a new era for the Buffalo Bills. I agree.


However, expectations are going to be in quite a few camps.

There will be one camp who will expect The Bills to just get pummeled. All the “analysts” have predicted a Patriots win by well over 10 points.

Another camp will be expecting The Bills to use the element of surprise on Billicheck and company since they really won’t know to expect. Unless they assume that Marrone showed his hand throughout preseason, or The Pats had their camcorders ready.

With that being said judging by what I have seen from EJ during preseason, and also his Florida games (I was a huge advocate and actually predicted that EJ would be picked up by Buffalo) I forsee alot of short to medium passes and C.J. Spiller will be puking and puking some more. Marrone and Hackett may want E.J. to throw a deep ball from time to time just to keep The Patriots defense honest.

Lets face it, The Patriots (just like the Bills) secondary isn’t all that great and if EJ can break first wave it will be fairly easy sailing for the rookie.

The other goal that Marrone will have is to stop Brady. Brady panics when there is pressure.  I hope that Pettine realizes blitzing packages will fail and Brady needs to hold on to that ball. The front four will have to step up. Mario Williams our 100 million dollar player should use this as an example game to prove to everybody that he is worth every penny that Buffalo paid for him

I truly expect a highly offensive game from both sides.  EJ will make some rookie mistakes however i don’t expect many turnovers coming from him. He has alot of weapons he can use with Robert Woods, Stevie Johnson, T..J Graham, Scott Chandler, C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. E.J. is in a spot where he can succeed. A QB is only as good as the players around him and vice versa.

Brady on the other hand, is a little bit more questionable. With a new cast of characters on the Patriots,  Brady will have something to prove. I have never classified him an elite QB. He is a very good QB when hes not crying about something but he also had guys like Welker, Hernandez, Lloyd, Woodhead around him as well.

Alot of unknowns this game, this is why the 10 point spread is ridiculous. I don’t see a shut out and I do see the Bills pulling the win out by less then 7 points. Its going to be a knockout dragout kind of a fight.

Lets just hope this really is a dawn of a new era and not the same old Bills.


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1 Comment

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