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Kelly Says He’s Free Of Cancer Following Jaw Surgery

There’s good news on QB Jim Kelly, as Sporting News reports he is free of cancer.

Kelly, who is recovering from June 7th surgery on his jaw, learned from physicians last week that the procedure successfully addressed the cancer-stricken area and that he no longer will need chemotherapy.

The following from Sporting News:

“I found out great news on Wednesday,” Kelly said at the opening of his annual football camp on Monday, per “I don’t have to go through radiation treatment and chemo, which is a blessing. From what I’ve been told everything that they did in surgery, if I had to do radiation or chemo it would put me way back.”

For someone who has had numerous surgeries both during his NFL career and well into retirement, Kelly said that he’s never experienced something more painful than having the left side of his jaw removed. But considering what the surgery meant for his long-term health, Kelly couldn’t be more thankful.

“The worst part about my cancer is it’s right here in the area of my mouth,” Kelly added. “They had to remove most of my jaw on my left side. It’s very, very sore, but it takes time. I know when you have knee surgery or shoulder surgery it’s sore for a small period of time and rehab and everything is good and you just take your time. This is just constant pain for now, but it’s a small price to pay for where I’ll be later on down the road.”

Although there is still a chance the cancer could return and Kelly will still need frequent monitoring by physicians, he called his current diagnosis a “big-time relief.”

“I never thought I’d be saying cancer. I never though the ‘C’ word would become part of my vocabulary,” Kelly said via the team’s website. “But it is what has happened to me and the ups and downs of my life. I’m already on the way back up.”

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