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Grading the Bills 41-17 Loss to the Cardinals

Back from it’s one week hiatus, here is “Grading the Bills”:

Offense: Even though the Bills got manhandled on both sides of the ball, the more I watch Marshawn Lynch play, the more I love the guy. He fought, clawed, and churned for every yard he got out there today. That being said, he only got 13 touches due to the fact that the Bills fell behind so early, by so much. The turnovers also did not help (4 of them, setting up a lot of points for Arizona, I will not bother counting their points off turnovers, suffice it to say it’s a lot). J.P. Lossman was, well….J.P. Lossman. One step forward and two steps back all day, a microcosm of his career. I’ve tried asking nicely, maybe if I type in all caps, someone will listen to me: WHERE IS THE OVER THE TOP TO LEE EVANS?? WHY DO WE ONLY TRY IT ONCE A GAME WHEN IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO WORK?

Grade: C-

Defense: Where do I begin. No pass rush. No coverage. The run defense was OK, but crumbled in the second half. Other than that though….what’s that you say? There is nothing besides that? Oh well in that case we sucked with a capital “S”. I would have liked to see the Bills bring Witner and Wilson up and dare the cardinals to throw over the top. Larry Fitzgerald does not have break away speed, and Kurt Warner does not have a great arm. Instead we seemed to play a soft zone for most of the game, playing right into the strength of the Arizona passing attack. We also failed to cause any turnovers against a team noted for coughing the ball up.

Grade: F- (Yes, you can get an F-….this was it)

Special Teams: Why is McKelvin still returning kicks? Other than in the pre-season, when has he done anything on a return other than gab on his way back to the sidelines after a 20 yard return? Meanwhile, Freddie Jackson seems to do pretty well on his return opportunities. How do you line up in the nuetral zone on a FG? But hey at least the kick coverage was good. For a team who is supposed to have great special teams, we haven’t really seen them in the last couple weeks.

Grade: C-

Coaching: It’s tough when the guy you build your team around goes down on play number 3. But the Bills coaching staff was outmatched on both sides of the ball today.

The offense, save one big play from Lossman (that was a broken play) to Evans did didley poop. They need to get more creative with how they get Marshawn and Lee Evans involved. It’s an absolute sin that Lee Evans only had three touches, an absolute sin. Again, he seems to beat people deep every time we throw him the ball over the top. Why not try it out more? Especially on a team that just got torched by the deep ball last week, and especially with Lossman, a quarterback who can really sling it, in the game. Instead, we get screen passes where Lossman gets sacked waiting for it to develop. If we are going to take sacks, lets at least have the upside be a big play down field. Although the playcalling has been great the first four games, this game is a case in point for why we need to open up the offense and find more creative ways to get the ball into Lynch’s and Evans’ hands.

The defense failed in every way. The coaching staff failed in every way to adjust. Period.

Grade: F

Overall Grade: D

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